My research of HPV

, by patoo45

A hpv is a kind of pedal boat (for the position) without the effort caused by water. Cool the position, cool speed, cool aerodynamic, cool the slips effect (like surfing, even if I ever made some)...

But I think ahead.

the type of bicycle

Initially, it is necessary to choice "American bicycle" or "European bicycle". It is not of the segregationnist but it is rather a philosophy of the type of bicycle.

In USA, the roads are long and rectilinear. One prefers stable bicycles rather than handy bicycles. Thus the crankset between the front wheel and the rear wheel makes long bicycles. And the seats are straight to be well seated. Fixed well in the armchair. Because it is rather an armchair which a seat.

In Europe, one seeks the compromise and especially the sporting side, from where pedals in front of the wheel to make a compact bicycle and a seat inclined to have less catch with the wind.

the kind of bicycle

If you travel by a bicycle with a seat to 60 cm of the ground and more, you are on a bicycle known as "high-racer". This kind of bicycle is for either the very large one, or for the hikers who want to make the turn of France if not the turn of the world, or you are a townsman to be seen and to be with the same height that the cars, or a sportsman to have a way of chain more the possible right and thus with a better output (ouf...)

If you travel by a bicycle with a seat to 30 cm or less of the ground, you are a sporting cyclist, you seek the performance. You are on a "low-racer".

If you travel by a bicycle with a seat ranging between 40 and 50 cm of the ground, you seek the compromise, the versatility. And it is the kind of bicycle which I thought. It is like the trail for the motor bike: that can do everything but that can nothing make very well.

the height of the wheels

2 X 26 inches That would have been my ideal bicycle if I were sure that the height was correct for my size (1m71). To be seen well in circulation, vision with the top of corns on the country roads, wheels correct for the potholes and other holes of the roadway and possibility of rolling very easily on the ways. But it is a bicycle little running on the second-hand market and thus difficult to find for a test.

2 X 20 inches It is a bicycle half-race or small excursions. It is the bike one par excellence but these small wheels do not allow too the load. It is not a problem if one does not think of making exits of several days. I know, there are some who do it, but that does not seem, in my eyes, a bicycle of great excursion.

1 X 20 inches and 1 X 26 inches It is a compromise, a little as the 2 times 20 inches but the large wheel of behind makes it possible to better pass the holes of the roadway and makes it possible to better charge the bicycle. The disadvantage, it is necessary to carry a tire tube of the two types of wheels.

the position of the handlebar

the handlebar ASS or handlebar says "above" gives a position similar to the right bicycle. It is less diverting for a beginner. It is also the handlebar for the vph of race because that makes it possible to keep the arms close to the body and thus to have better aérodynamisme. This handlebar facilitates the positioning of the accessories: levers of shifting tracks, the computer of edge, rear view mirrors, the bell, etc...

the handlebar USS or handlebar says "below" gives a position more diverting to the beginning but cooler in practice. You pose your hands as you put your arms on the balustrades of an armchair. But attention with the indirect rod of reference which gives a vague direction, to see fragile in the falls.