I ride right bicycles

, by patoo45

Recall: I stopped smoking the first week of September 2005.

15 days after this stop, I test a need to move. And I leave my old bought bicycle to the supermarket the corner, ten years ago.

I thus go to the job, I make the pendular one as would say some. 10 km the morning and 10 km the evening for the return. Moreover, at this time when I was not satisfied with my working station (the job what), make bicycle enabled me to draw a feature as of the exit. And thus to evacuate the stress.

Two to three months afterwards, still not smoking, I decide to buy a beautiful bicycle. I go on the site of Peugeot, it proposes a first price with 500€. Too much expensive for me, you think, a bicycle with more than "3000 balles" (french money before the Euro).
After research, I find a "VTC" of mark Lapierre for 380€. Two months of waiting and I realize that to have a beautiful bicycle, it is pleasant. (Not, there is not only the white light local wine).

And it is there that I begin to look the HPV...