, by patoo45

It was in June 2005, I had smoked ten brown cigarettes per day and that for 40 years. I had tested the acupuncture, the patchs. In short I continued to smoke. A new method arrived to my ears: "Method to finish some with the smoke" of Allen Carr. a method without method, without substitute and which explains why one finds pleasure to smoke. In the medium of the book, I was already afraid to stop smoking only with the first reading. Indeed, I wanted to await the return of the holidays not to stress my small family.

Thus in September, the first week, I read again the book and I stop brutaly. A decision: never. And that was my only will. Another thought helped me: you want to smoke until your death. Indeed, any smoker thinks that it will stop one day.

In any case, per hour when I write this article (19/10/2006), I do not smoke any more.